About us

About-UsAssociation Viitor-Integritate-Succes (VIS) was founded in 2014 with the aim of creating a sustainable development and capacity of building communities, initiating, promoting and implementing educational programs, cultural and scientific, educational, civic and humanitarian values but also the implementation strategies and processes for prevention, restriction or removal of temporary or permanent situations that contribute to social exclusion of disadvantaged groups.

    In order to achieve the proposed objectives  by the association to conduct activities such as: human resources development to capitalize human potential, organization of programs, courses and training sessions,training, guidance and counseling professional specialization target groups, project implementation to solve system problems for a large number of beneficiaries including the gypsies that are living in a multicultural environment, facing marginalization and discrimination.

flagThe association also aims to access and implement European funds suited as components of the social, the environment, those relating to cessation or eliminate the phenomenon of domestic violence.

Working with public and private entities, the Association seeks that according to subject or activity to give their expert advice for accessing and implementing European funded projects.

The entire activity of the Association Viitor- Integritate-Succes [Future-Integrity-Success] is based on respect for fundamental human rights, in direct collaboration with public and private organizations involved in fields similar and / or complementary targeting implementation of European standards for quality social services.